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Last night, while peeling potatoes in front of a very curious Xavier, I decided that I should take advantage of his interest and try to get him thinking more about where our food comes from and how we turn plants into different kinds of foods. What resulted still has Jeremy and I giggling.

Xavier: What are you doing, Mommy?

Mommy: I’m peeling potatoes to put into our soup.

Xavier: Oh.

Mommy: Do you know of anything you like to eat that’s made out of potatoes?

Xavier: No.

Mommy: Hmmm… Maybe you could ask your daddy if he knows of anything?

Xavier: Okay!

(sprints over to his father at the kitchen table)

Xavier: Daddy, do you know anything?

Pretty sure we’ll be hearing a lot more of that in about ten years…


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The following is my best recollection of a conversation I had with Xavier (22 months old) in the car this morning. These are the moments I treasure.

Xavier (with one of his coveted snowman stuffed animals in hand): Snowman laying on Xavier.

Mommy: Snowman is laying on Xavier? Is he tired?

Xavier: Tiger? Xavier see it?

Mommy: No, honey, I don’t see a tiger. I said “tired.” Tired means sleepy. Is snowman sleepy?

Xavier: Sleeping tiger?

Mommy: No, sweetheart, not a sleeping tiger, sleepy and tired.

Xavier: Tiger goes “ROAR!”

Mommy: Yes, that’s right, honey. Tigers say “Roar!”

Xavier: Yeah.

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