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Crayon Cupcakes

We celebrated Xavier’s first day of preschool with crayon cupcakes, an idea I shamelessly stole from this blog (minus the non-vegan ingredients, of course). I sacrificed a few generic brand crayons* from the massive box of them I bought before I knew better (you know, the box you pick up thinking “Crayons are crayons, right?” before watching your child push with all of his might as he tries to get what amount to be wax candles in the shape of crayons to work the way the others do). The crayons are in honor of both the part of preschool Xavier is most excited about (art!) and my desire to avoid spending endless hours cursing over tiny pieces of gum paste or fondant that look nothing like the shapes I intended them to be. (I will leave this art to my much more confectionery-inclined sister-in-law.) I liked that I could explain to Xavier that I made the cupcakes with crayons because he loves art and he’ll be doing a lot of it in preschool. Little apples or chalkboards would have been way over his head. Both kiddos loved them (not that I expected otherwise, since, well, they are cupcakes).

*I noticed when we were eating the cupcakes (and you might have noticed from the photos) that one of the good crayons snuck into the mix. Ah, well. I suppose we’ll have to make due and enjoy good ol’ violet-rouge without the icing soaked wrapper.

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The First Day

Although it may appear that he is in pain, this is the X-man's signature camera-ready smile.

It’s official. Xavier is now a preschooler. And with the very minor exception of a small tote bag malfunction, his first morning went swimmingly. The boy could barely contain his excitement when we had to wait outside for a few minutes before the school doors were unlocked (he actually asked for a “boost” over the chain fence that separated him from his new, tantalizingly shiny and colorful, class playground). And except for a couple of moments of uncertainty as we approached his new room, he seemed to really take to the new routine. (And by that I mean he could barely be bothered to give me a quick goodbye kiss before returning to his puzzle.)

The poor kid is clearly having trouble getting comfortable in his new surroundings...

The first morning at school was followed by a special Mommy-Xavier lunch (a gourmet feast of butterfly pasta and marinara sauce and a massive plate of french fries) a pronouncement of the very best part of preschool (the art room) and a brief demonstration of “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes” complete with instructions (“Mommy, you have to stand up to do this one”).

Tonight we’ll celebrate as a family with special crayon cupcakes. See my next post for details. All in all, I’m willing to risk breaking one of my own rules by calling today a success before the kiddos are officially asleep in bed.

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